Friday, June 5, 2009

the joys of motherhood. lol

Nathan was out golfing today so i decided to take the kids for a walk to the shoppette to get doughnuts for breakfast and let them play at the park. Keep in mind it only takes about a minute to drive there. We started heading out and Morgan decided she wants to take her babies for a walk also. I thought sure why not, it's not that far. So Cody is on his scooter and Morgan is pushing her stroller. This is going to be fun, wrong. Cody kept crying becasue he didn't want to to wear his helment, and Morgan was crashing her stroller into all the trees and list posts that she passed. After an hour we finally get to the store to get them there doughnuts. they were so happy about, until they realized we had to wait in a very long line to pay. Morgan cried the entire time and kept throwing herself on the ground.
We finally make it out the store and Cody decided He wanted to be nice and open the door for every person that would go through. It was a very nice thing, but what made it, was Morgan yelling " yets go cody,+ my dooooo nut wating" she said it over and over until he finally came.
Now at the park, they finally get to enjoy there doughnuts and play. they were so good, running everything. Morgan even climbed the big things she couldn't before.
We were on the way home and Morgan was done with the stroller and decided she wanted to carry the babies. I guess she thought they were tired from going down the slides, being thrown up the stairs since they can't climb and being thrown from a swing since they can't hold on. So she walked and sang to them on the way home.
Cody on the other hand, cried and screamed the entire way home because he was hot and wanted to go home. took us an hour to get home and boy were we ready to be home. One very tired Morgan that had to be carried, a very mad and upset Cody because he wanted me to carry the scooter, and one headless baby doll we finally made it back.
To top it off, we walk in the house and Cody runs up and gives me a huge hug and says " i love you mommy, your the best mommy in the world, thank you for taking us to the park. can we do it again now?" lol you gotta love the joys of mommyhood. :)