Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy father's day

I wanted to write about Nathan today since it's father's day. The kids have been going around the house all morning saying happy father's day daddy. He is going to love it when he gets home. He has been working so hard lately with field training. But he is also taking time for us, Last week we went to the beach and had a blast spending the day together. Yesterday Nathan and Cody we watching golf while morgan was napping and Cody asked him if he could golf with him when he got bigger. So what does nathan do? he decided to take cody to play putt putt golf. Cody was so happy that he got to go out with just daddy. We are even going out today :) we are taking the kids to the splash park when he gets home from golfing.

So here's to you nathan. we love you very much. thank you for being such a great daddy and husband.


  1. Awe, how sweet. Thank you Nathan, for all you do for us so that our families can be safe. Happy Fathers Day.

  2. aww so sweet! Have fun at the splash park.

  3. HEY, My twin sis is a follower of you..thesterlings07/ Michelle! So, thought we'd follow eachother too!!