Wednesday, June 24, 2009

boy has he changed

The last time most of you saw Cody he was still working on his ABCs and shapes. He was also in a size 2t -3t. He can Now spell his first and last name,along with memaw, papa, cat, and dog. He can now sing his entire alphabet, ba ba black sheep and twinkle twinkle little star. He is finally starting to help out around the house. He loves to help cook and wash the counters and the floor. He loves to have stories read to him, his favorite right now is green eggs and ham. I can almost read it by heart we have read it so much. lol We are working on his letters and writing them. Pretty soon he will be writing you all letters. He is getting very brave, he finally went in the ocean, with the help of Nathan. Cody wouldn't go in unless his daddy went with him.

Cody and Nathan are spending a lot of time together. For some crazy reason Cody likes watching golf to. So Nathan and Cody relax on the couch and watch golf together every day. They even went putt putting for the first time the other day. I heard he did really well. Even though he would hit the ball once, then pick up the ball and put it in the hole.

He is also growing a lot. He decided that he want to wear pants the other day. The last time he wore them he had to have them rolled up because they were so long. Keep in mind that was not that long ago. Now they go and 2 inches above his ankle. He is now in 4t-5t clothes.

Pretty soon Cody will be starting school but for now we are just going to enjoy the summer together.

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