Thursday, July 9, 2009

She did it!!!!!!!

So we have been talking about potting training Morgan. We tried before a couple time but wanted nothing to do with it. So we held it off for a while until she started to act interested. She finally started showing interest by running and getting the potty herself and using it. I went to the store and got her pull ups and underwear. Morgan was so excited about she wore a pull up and three pairs of underwear at one time. She didn't have one accident the first day. She even pooped on the potty!!!!! (seeing her do that finally got Cody going.... now he won't stop . lol)

The next day when Morgan got up i put her on the potty. As soon as I did she pooped again. I went to put the pull up on her and she wanted nothing to do with it. She only wanted underwear on. I figured we would try it for a little bit and see how she does. She was dry all day with not problems. She is doing great, She is 100% done with diapers :)


  1. good job morgan....i see she really likes her sandels we got for her.